Our Mission


The Pulse Protein CRC will deliver a pulse-based protein industry to Australia to meet growing needs of farmers, processors, manufacturers and consumers for plant proteins with specific flavours, nutrition, quality, provenance transparency and verified authenticity.

The World is Demanding more Protein

Protein is a key ingredient in our diets. Total protein demand is increasing, driven by a growing population.

People are Consuming more Plant Proteins


Consumers are demanding greater choice of healthier and more sustainable food protein options.

Australia can develop a Value-Added Pulse Protein Industry

Australia has limited processing and manufacturing capabilities for pulse protein and is reliant on imported plant-based protein ingredients.


There is strong industry demand for high quality sustainably produced Australian pulse proteinsAustralia can deliver reliable high-value pulse seeds for domestic and international protein markets.

The Opportunity
The Pulse Protein CRC will coordinate the transition of the Australian Pulse Industry from farm to plate to embrace value-added protein markets for Australian industries and consumers. 



How we will Deliver Protein to the World

Collaborative investment into four Research and Innovation programs will focus on a range of technical problems across the production and manufacturing supply chain. Solving market access, data-driven decision making, food formulation, processing and pulse genetic and agronomic problems.

Be part of the transformation

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